What's the Big Deal about Contraceptives

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, 

 President Harrison made the news last month by boldly going to a Congressional hearing to stand up against the Health and Human Services Departments mandate that all health insurance companies cover contraception as part of their insurance coverage. Some in the news made a mockery of his testimony saying he was against women! As you will see, this is furthest from the truth. 

 At face value this order of the Health and Human Services does not sound offensive enough to involve the President of our Church.  After all, the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod has never condemned the use of contraceptives so long as they do not cause, promote, or terminate the life of mother or child. Here is the key:  Some of the so called contraceptives are not just contraceptives. A better name is an abortificient, in other words, some of the contraceptives cause an abortion which our church feels breaks the 5th commandment (i.e. morning after pill). So, why is the church concerned?  Answer:  We do not want our church offerings to be used to pay for someone to get an abortion. Now granted, for this to happen, a member of the clergy's family, school teacher, DCE, would have to decide to use an abortificient. This should not be an issue.  However, even church families do sin and the temptation would be there to make use of the insurance coverage to cover up a sin.

 President Harrison vowed that he would go to jail rather than have our church body subject to such a law. Keep in mind as Lutherans we are standing not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Christians seeking to please God. The Roman Catholic Church comes at this issue differently. They too are against abortion, but they have also condemned most contraceptives. Even though as Lutherans we do not totally share their perspective, we rally with them so that the government would protect religious liberties, to protect the way we live as Christians.

 Several lessons can be learned here. First, if a married couple uses contraception, the couple should do research to find out if the contraceptive could cause an abortion. Second, whether you are for or against insurance, this is a matter of secular debate, however, the issue of forcing Christians to pay for things like abortion is unthinkable.  We should support governing officials who will defend freedom of religion. In other countries this is prohibited, but here in the United States, we are required by our government to govern ourselves! Dear friends help make these decisions so we are not burdened by our consciences! Find out what politicians believe in these matters and urge them to protect our freedoms to live out our beliefs as Christians! Third, if someone has had an abortion realize Jesus died to forgive this sin just like all other sins. Likewise, Jesus cares for all moms and dads, children and parents! 
God's blessings, Pastor Travis